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Perfect for testing out Bells and Wishes.

  • Various fonts
  • Up to 5 messages
  • Individual recipient
  • Basic backgrounds
  • Basic themes
  • Add GIFs and photos
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All the essentials you need for your recipient.

  • Everything in Free
  • 100 messages
  • PDF card download
  • Premium backgrounds
  • Premium themes
  • Add video messages
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Most popular


Make them feel extra special with premium features.

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Be in complete control of your card.

  • Everything in Premium
  • Disable new messages
  • Moderate messages
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Interactive wall

Create an interactive wall for the next wedding, company conference, memorial or big event. Includes beautiful display options, media downloads, and more.
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How does payment work for group greeting cards?

Everyone starts out with a free card. If you want to add more than 5 messages, you can upgrade directly from your card. You'll also get access to more themes, more backgrounds, custom backgrounds, a PDF download for the recipient, video uploads, and more. Choose between Essential, Premium, and Enterprise based on your needs.

A digital group greeting ecard for a birthday that everyone has signed


Some months you need greeting cards, some you don't. Why pay when you don't need it?

Cards for everyone

Whether you have an office birthday or hall party, there's something for everyone.

Customize at every level

Every card gives you beautiful backgrounds, and allows photos and GIFs.

Make the next event unforgettable

Create a beautiful digital group greeting card today for someone special