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Imagine your guests walking into the venue and heading to your welcome table. Instead of waiting in line, guests can quickly scan a QR code to sign your guestbook. The digital guestbook wall lets attendees write thoughtful messages and even upload photos, GIFs, or videos. You can display the collection of messages using the live feed view.

Company events

Get your employees excited by giving them an interactive wall experience at this year's conference. Access it with a QR code and display it on a big screen. Keep it light and fun, or do something more meaningful - they can post about the event, their experience at work, or even cheerful messages for coworkers to read.


Make a digital memorial wall to honour someone you care about. Invite their family and friends to post their favorite memories, sweet sentiments, or old photos. This memorial wall can be cherished forever, and shared with others. You could even display it at an event commemorating them.

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Create an interactive wall by entering some quick information

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Post the wall's link or QR code somewhere accessible so guests can post messages

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Display the wall on a screen and watch as live messages appear

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