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Congratulations on your new home!

From Your Family

board message
Congratulations Linden! Finally my big brother has his own place that I can crash at whenever I want! Thanks in advance.
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Congrats dude! So happy for you.
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So excited for you on this new journey you're on. Welcome to adulthood ;) it sucks, you're gonna love it! Cheers,
board message
Congratulations to my favourite hooman. Can't wait for my own stash of treats at your place. Bork bork
Peanut Butter
board message
Wow, I can't believe our little Linden is moving out into his own, new home. We remember when you were just a baby in our arms, and now you're all grown up. Love you lots.
Mom & Dad
board message
Party time! Can't wait to celebrate this huge milestone with you. This is such an exciting time for you and we're all so proud. Congrats!!
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HOORAY! Congrats, Linden you truly deserve this. I am so overjoyed for you. This is a huge step for anyone, and I'm so happy it's your turn now!
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Congrats Linden! We're so proud of you. We'll have to come over soon and bring the kiddos.
Aunt Mary & Uncle George