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Why create group new job ecards?

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Save time

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Make a new job card in 32 seconds flat

Half a minute. That’s all the time it takes to make a custom new job card! It’s never been easier to congratulate someone on the next big step in their career. Do you want to have multiple contributors? No problem! Just send them each a link and they can add their congratulatory messages!

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Getting a new job is a big deal

Whether they got a new job as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company or as the head fry cook at Arby’s, getting a new job is a big deal! Congratulate them on the next big step in their career with one of our custom virtual new job cards!

Congratulations on a new job

How it works?

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Create a new job group ecard in under a minute. It's so easy and convenient that you'll want to try it out yourself.

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Step 1

Create card

Create a group ecard by entering some quick information
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Step 2

Add message

Add your message to the group ecard (include a photo, GIF, or a video with your message)
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Step 3

Invite others

Invite contributors to add messages by sharing the card link
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Step 4

Send card

Once you have collected messages, enter the recipient details and send out the card
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“I was so delighted to receive a thoughtful birthday card. I love that it's online so I don't have to worry about losing the card - it's always there! In our increasing virtual and digital world, Bells and Wishes has somehow managed to maintain the personal touch we miss from the days when it was easier to meet in person. ”


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Congrats, Annie!

Annie just got a new job as a sales rep for a big company! Her family wants to help her celebrate, so they get one of our virtual new job cards! Her mom creates it, then sends each of her family members a link to the card and they add encouraging messages. When Annie gets the card, it makes her smile and now she’s even more excited to get started on her new career!

New job sample card from group

Customize it!

All of our virtual cards come with tons of different backgrounds and font options, so you can design your own card! You can even add GIFs photos, or videos to spice up your custom virtual new job card!

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Congratulate your coworker on the next big step in their career

Create a custom virtual new job card today!

Greeting ecard samples

Group greeting cards for every occasion

See samples for every occasion. Make the next birthday, retirement, or farewell memorable with a beautiful digital greeting card.

How to make your message more special

With customization options at every step, your message will look as beautiful, fun, or serious as you want.

Add a GIF, photo, or video

Make your message more personal with a funny GIF, a sentimental photo, or a sweet video. Your recipient will love their group ecard from the team - it's such a fun experience to open and read through!

Write a personal message

Write a loving, funny, or silly message to your recipient. Let them know how much they mean to you, or poke fun at them. Whichever is sure to make them smile!

Choose your favourite font

Add a dash more of your personality by choosing from the selection of fonts. There's formal, casual, bubbly, serious, and more. Make your greeting card message a little more YOU.

Farewell to your favorite colleague

Has one of your favorite work friends found a new position? Let them know that you’re excited for them with a custom virtual new job card! Hopefully, they keep in touch!

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On the path to a brighter future

Everyone gets excited when they get a new job. Join the celebration by sending someone you know a digital new job card! It’ll make them so glad to see that you share in their happiness!

Celebration for a new job

Help some get off to a great start at their new job!

Send them a virtual new job card