How it works

Just 3 simple steps

It's so easy to create a group greeting card that you'll want to try it out yourself


Create a new digital card

Enter some quick info and watch as your card appears in front of you. Add your message and include a GIF, photo, or video to make it more YOU! Choose a background for that extra special touch.

Creating a new group greeting card

Invite collaborators

Send out the card link to whoever you want to contribute, and watch as messages roll in. The collaborators don't even have to sign up!

inviting collaborators to a group greeting card

Send your masterpiece

Schedule the card to your recipient(s). That's it! Now, all you do is wait until the recipient gets their extra special digital group greeting card.

sending a group greeting card

Full demo

Become an expert

Learn the ins and outs of Bells and Wishes, and impress your friends with beautiful greeting cards.

full demo video of group greeting ecards

Put the human touch back in your remote team

Make your team feel special on their birthdays with group greeting cards

Why ecards?

Perfect for you

A fun and convenient way to let your friend, family member, or colleague know that you're thinking about them.

  • group greeting cards save time icon

    Save time

    It only takes a few seconds to create our digital cards (far quicker than driving to the store, looking for a card, and driving back). You will also save so much time with online collaboration!

  • group greeting cards are customizable icon


    Select from a variety of backgrounds and themes to customize each digital card you send. Make your messages extra special by including photos, GIFs, or videos. Don't forget to choose your favourite font!

  • group greeting cards help save trees icon

    Save trees

    With each occasion, you reduce paper waste by shifting to a digital space. As an additional benefit, we donate 1% of each purchase to Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses committed to accelerating carbon removal.

  • group greeting cards can collect multiple signatures icon

    Easily collect signatures

    Share the link to your digital card with colleagues, friends, and family via Slack, WhatsApp, text, or email. For big events, print out the card's QR code and display it at the venue's entrance.

A better way to send group greeting cards

Welcome to the future

It's quick, convenient, and thoughtful. So why not?

Imagine you are…

An admin in a busy office

There are already so many things on your plate. Now, Lily is leaving the company, and you'll need to buy her card and get everyone to sign it. Instead, you decide to create a digital card through Bells and Wishes (which takes only a few seconds) and send the link to your co-workers. Once the card has been scheduled, you're all set.

A friend or family member across the world

Despite being separated by seas, you can still make your family member's birthday special. Create a digital birthday card for them and invite others to participate. A birthday card filled with photos, GIFs, and videos from all of their favourite people will truly make the recipient's day.

A realtor in a competitive market

Our digital greeting cards will give you an edge over your competitors. You can send clients birthday or holiday cards or provide them with market updates. Show that you care about your clients, even when you aren't actively doing business with them.

Imagine you are...

A parent to a young child in school

Consider giving your child's teacher a thoughtful gift from the whole class! Collaborate with your fellow parents to create one beautiful group greetings card. The teacher will love such a meaningful gift and can keep the card forever.

A small business trying to increase repeat buyers

Send your customers an annual birthday or holiday card to let them know you care. Use the dashboard to set up reminders so you won't forget to send them! Making that extra effort for them can develop a stronger relationship with your customers.
A small business owner sending her customers digital greeting cards

Make the next event unforgettable

Create a beautiful digital group greeting card today for someone special