Why You Should Create an Online Christmas Card

Why you should create an online christmas card

With Christmas right around the corner, people are rushing out to buy their yearly stock of gorgeous Christmas cards from the greeting card aisle of their local supercenter. With it being so close to the holidays, though, many of them are finding themselves unable to get the cards they need or find the designs that are right for them.

Christmas cards are a long-standing holiday tradition, but they aren’t always there when we need them—especially when thousands of others need them as well. Luckily, there’s an alternative you likely haven’t considered:

Creating Your Own Online Christmas Card

Creating an online Christmas card is an easy process that takes minimal effort but brings a whole lot of joy. This article will cover all the reasons you should consider creating your own digital cards this Christmas season, as well as inform you of precisely how you can do just that.

Let’s get started!

Why Should You Create an Online Christmas Card?

There are several reasons it is beneficial to create your own cards instead of buying them from the store:

#1: It’s Easy and Simple

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First and foremost, creating your online Christmas card is a simple and easy process that takes less time overall than it would take you to run out to the store, pick your card, check out, and come home. It’s also a whole lot less stressful than subjecting yourself to holiday checkout lines.

#2: It Will Stand Out



Think about it: if you’ve seen those Christmas cards at the grocery store since mid-November, the chances are high that those friends and family members receiving your cards have too. Consider creating a digital card for them instead that’s customizable so that when they receive your card, they get to look at it for the very first time.

#3: It Will Be Special

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Nothing is more sincere than giving someone a gift or card that was handmade with love and attention. With the , you can give your closest friends and family a card that’s made with love.

More than that, though, you can include little photos, symbols, or bits of text that truly tell someone how much they mean to you—cheesy grocery store taglines will only go so far, after all.

#4: You Can Send it to Multiple Recipients

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When you create an online Christmas card, you are able to send it to whoever you want! That means you can give it to as many or as few people as you’d like to.

This is especially great for those of us who get busy around the holidays and let time slip away. If you find yourself coming right down to the wire, you can make a single card and send it to your entire address list! Each recipient you input will have their own name displayed, giving it a personal touch. Your card is sure to make a lot of people happy.

#5: It’s a Unique Way to Wish Friends and Family a Merry Christmas

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The most important aspect of an online, custom Christmas card (in our opinion) is that it’s totally unique.

Christmas has been around for a long time, which means there isn’t much you can do that hasn’t been done already. With creating online Christmas cards, though, every product you create is entirely unique and has never been done in the past—in short, it’s an original.

And that means it’s priceless.

How Do I Make an Online Christmas Card?

Making an online Christmas card is exceptionally easy, especially when you take advantage of Bells and Wishes’ card creation software.

First, you go to our home page and click “start creating now.” Then, you’ll be taken to a page that prompts you to insert the title of your card, as well as the sender’s name (that’s you!). After that, before you’re able to start designing, you’ll be prompted to either sign up or sign in on our website so you can track your progress and save your cards.

Now, you’re ready to start making your card!


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Begin by selecting a background from the top left corner so the card has a nice feel to it. Then, start adding messages onto the card.

Your messages can be anything, from just a short sentiment that you want to share with the recipients of the card, or a full photo and caption that describe a particular event you’d like the reader to remember fondly, just as you do. Our recommendation is to add at least 6 messages onto the card to get a good content balance.

Once you’re done with all that and the card looks exactly the way you want it to, the rest is simple.

All you have to do is click the button on the top right that says send and enter in the emails of all the people you want to send the card to. If you have a long list you can import a spreadsheet instead. You can choose to either send the card right then or to schedule it so it can be delivered at a specific date and time of your choice.

The card will then arrive in the inbox of all those you sent it to, and you can watch the happy smiles roll in!

Wrapping it Up

Shopping for Christmas cards can be stressful at the best of times, which is why creating online Christmas cards is quickly growing in popularity. Luckily, doing something like this yourself is actually a pretty easy task.

You can get started on yours today by going to our home page and clicking “Start Creating Now!” (Or just click that hyperlink).

We look forward to helping you create the Christmas card of a lifetime!

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