What to Write on a 40th Birthday Card

What to write on a 40th birthday card

A 40th birthday is a significant milestone in a person's life. If someone in your life has a 40th birthday, you will want to congratulate them with a birthday message. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to write.

We’ve compiled a list of 40th birthday messages you can use if you’re struggling with writer’s block. We put them into 7 categories: to a sibling, to a parent, to a son/daughter, to a friend, to a coworker, to an acquaintance, and funny. This will help you locate the card that you need based on the kind of relationship you have with the person who’s celebrating their birthday. So, let's get started on our list, shall we?

To a sibling

Siblings are among the most important people in your life. Sending your sibling a fun, supportive 40th birthday message is a great way to stay connected. These messages can be playful or sincere, but no matter the tone, they should always show support and love!

Sister telling brother he looks old


  • Happy 40th birthday, Sis! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  • I am sending you my warmest 40th birthday to the best brother in the world! Have a ball on your special day!
  • Hey there, old man! Happy 40th birthday! Thanks for always being supportive and setting a terrific example of how to live, love, and be an all-around stand-up guy!
  • Wishing you a happy 40th birthday, dear sister! May this new decade of life be your best yet!
  • Happy 40th! Man, it's weird to see your little sister turn 40! I remember when Mom and Dad brought you home from the hospital. That makes me feel old. I love you! Keep being awesome!
  • I’m happy to have celebrated 40 years of friendship with you! You're a wonderful person! Make this a special day for you and your family!
  • Welcome to middle age, bro! Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds.
  • Happy birthday, sister mine! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating the start of your 5th decade! Many happy returns!
  • You’re 40, bro! Congrats! Love ya!
  • Happy 40th birthday, sister! You’re the best!

To a parent

Although 40 isn’t that old for a parent, it is an age when people start to feel the effects of old Father Time. If your mom or dad is turning 40, cheer them up with one of these sweet birthday messages:

Someone saying "Happy birthday, Mom. I love you"


  • Happy 40th birthday, Mom! Love you! Wishing a very happy 40th birthday to the best dad ever!
  • Dearest Mother: May your 40th birthday be a beautiful and joyous occasion, and may you continue to be the wonderful person and example you always have been!
  • Happy birthday, Dad! Thanks for everything you do for us! I know we don’t always remember to say it, but we appreciate it!
  • Happy 40th birthday to my Hero! I love you, Dad!
  • Happy birthday, Mom! Remember, age is just a number :)
  • Sending happy 40th birthday wishes your way! Love you, Mom! I hope this day is full of joy and celebration for you!
  • Happy 40th birthday, Mom! I love you so much! You are the best Mom anybody could ask for, and I am so grateful for all the love and care you have given over the years!
  • Dear Dad: Happy birthday! Thanks for being such a great father!
  • Hey Dad! Happy 40th birthday! This is your special day, so enjoy yourself. Love ya!
  • Happy birthday, Mom! How does it feel to be the best person in the world at just 40 years old? I’ve never met anyone who cares for others so selflessly or who loves so unconditionally. You are my hero! XOXO

To a son/daughter

If you have a son or daughter that is turning 40, send them a message that communicates how proud you are of them and everything they’ve done with their lives.

Mickey Mouse and friends saying Happy Birthday

Mickey Mouse / GIPHY

  • Happy 40th birthday! I love you and am so proud of the responsible, caring man you’ve grown into! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  • Sending happy birthday wishes to my favorite daughter! You’ve used these first forty years well, and I can’t wait to see what you do in the next 40 :)
  • Happy 40th, sweetie! I love you so much! Go out and have a ball tonight!
  • Wishing you a happy 40th birthday, my son! I am very proud of you, your beautiful family, and all of your outstanding accomplishments! May you continue to make me and the rest of the family proud, and may you have a joyous birthday celebration.
  • Sheesh, I can’t believe you’re turning 40 today! It doesn’t seem that long ago that you were just a tiny tot riding on my shoulders! Time flies, so savor every second of it. Have a happy birthday! Love you!
  • Happy 40th birthday! You know, getting older isn’t that bad! Take it from someone who knows ;)
  • Happy 40th birthday! We are so proud of you. Have a wonderful birthday celebration. Be sure to give the kiddos hugs and kisses from Gramma and Grampa!
  • Happy birthday! Having a middle age son makes me feel about as old as dirt XD.
  • We wish a very happy 40th birthday to the best daughter anyone could ever ask for! We love you!
  • Happy 40th birthday! You are a good father, a great husband, and an outstanding father, and I couldn’t be prouder of you! Keep on being the kind of person people love, respect, and look up to!
  • Sending you birthday wishes and love on the 40th anniversary of your birth! We love you, sweetheart!
  • Happy 40th! I can’t express adequately in words how pleased I am with what you’ve made of your life. You are a wonderful person, and I am proud to call myself your mother!

To a friend

Getting messages from friends helps make a birthday special. Here are some message ideas you can send to your friends on their 40th birthday!

Group of friends shouting Happy Birthday

Friends / GIPHY

  • Congrats on turning 40, ol’ buddy! Keep being a great example to me and everyone else!
  • Woot woot! You just turned 40! Have a terrific celebration!
  • Happy 40th birthday, pal! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  • Happy 40th! Sending you my love and best wishes!
  • Look who just turned 40! That means we’ve known each other for 30 years. That’s crazy! Congratulations, and may there be many happy returns!
  • Happy 40th! May you continue being awesome, and may all of your birthday wishes come true!
  • Wishing you a very happy birthday, my friend! I hope you celebrate your four-decade mark with a fantastic party and may see at least four more decades!
  • Happy 40th birthday! Thanks for being my bestie for all these years.
  • You made it to 40! Way to be! Haha! Have a wonderful day, give the family my love!
  • Happy 40th birthday, mate! Turning 40 is a huge milestone, and I hope you celebrate it accordingly!
  • I raise my glass to 40 years of a well-lived life! Keep being you, my friend!
  • Wishing my best friend the happiest 40th birthday ever! You are a wonderful person, and you deserve all the happiness and success you’ve achieved!
  • Happy 40th birthday, pal! Have a great day!

To a coworker

If they're passing around a 40th birthday card a work, be sure to write down a supportive, happy birthday message. It’s a great way to build camaraderie on a team! You should keep your birthday message professional while also being warm and friendly.

It is your birthday sign

The Office / GIPHY

  • Very happy 40th birthday, dear colleague! Wishing you many happy returns!
  • Happy 40th birthday, my friend! Do something fun to celebrate!
  • Congrats on turning 40! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fun celebration!
  • Sending you my best wishes on your 40th birthday! Keep being an awesome friend and coworker!
  • It’s your 40th birthday! Do something special to celebrate!
  • Wishing you joy on your special day! Happy 40th!
  • Happy 40th birthday, colleague!! May all your birthday wishes come true :)
  • Congratulations on turning 40 today! What a special occasion!
  • Thank you for beings such an integral part of our team! Happy 40th birthday!
  • Happy 40th birthday, my friend! Thanks for being a vital contributor to our company!
  • Sending you my heartiest congratulations on your 40th birthday!
  • Happy 40th birthday! Your achievements at this company have been awe-inspiring! Thank you for being an example of what’s possible through hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and a good attitude!
  • Happy 40th birthday! You’ve come so far, and the sky’s the limit!
  • My most sincere congratulations on your 40th birthday! I hope that you celebrate many future birthdays with us!

To an acquaintance

Sending a birthday card can be a great way to build friendships! So, whether it’s your new neighbour or a Facebook friend you haven’t talked to since high school, here are a few friendly, generic 40th birthday wishes you can send to your acquaintance.

Cute happy birthday GIF

Pusheen / GIPHY

  • Happy 40th! I hope you have a wonderful celebration!
  • Sending my warmest 40th birthday wishes your way.
  • Happy 40th birthday! Wishing you joy on this very special occasion!
  • Happy birthday! 40 is a wonderful age! Have a great day!
  • Wishing you a wonderful, fun, and meaningful 40th birthday!
  • Hey there! Just thought I take the time to wish you a happy 40th birthday! May you have a wonderful celebration, and may there be many happy returns!
  • I hear your turning 40 today! Congrats! I hope you have a terrific birthday party!
  • Happy birthday, and welcome to the 40+ club! May all your birthday wishes come true!
  • Sending you my best birthday wishes on this special day. Happy 40th!
  • Wishing you joy on this very special day! May your next 4 decades be even more full of love, joy, and success!
  • Happy 40th, my friend! Wishing you continued joy and happiness and an unforgettable birthday bash :)
  • Happy 40th birthday! I hope you have a great time celebrating with friends and family!
  • Congratulations! May your 40th birthday be fun and memorable!


Funny birthday messages are the best kind! If you are sending a digital card, here are some fun birthday GIFs you can include in your humorous message.

A baby with his face in a cake


  • Happy 40th! Remember, you’re not old, you’re in your prime ;)
  • Happy 40th birthday! Time to start trimming your nose hair, pulling your cargo shorts up above your belly button, and wearing a polo shirt everywhere you go!
  • You’re forty? I don’t believe it. You don’t look a day over 39 years, 364 days! What’s your secret? Spill the beans!
  • Is it just me, or have you been 40 for a while now?
  • You’re like a fine cheese: you get stinkier as you age! Just kidding! Happy birthday, my friend!
  • Happy 40th, o ancient one! Have a wonderful birthday!
  • You are at the age where you have to start considering what you're going to do for your mid-life crisis. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out to be too expensive!
  • Ahhh, the big 4-O! It’s a landmark birthday! For me, it marked the point everything started going downhill. Not that that’s what will happen to you! It might, though. Jk, sure your future will be bright!
  • Happy 40th birthday! I’m impressed that you still have all of your hair.
  • Look at you! 40 years old! You don’t look your age. Of course, you don’t act your age either, so that makes sense ;)
  • Happy 40th! I’d say many happy returns, but let's be honest, the way you live your life, there probably won’t be. I’m honestly surprised you made it this far!
  • Sending you my warmest birthday greetings! P. S. Just because you’re 40 now doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for you to wear socks and sandals.
  • Congratulations! You turned 40! You are now authorized to talk nonstop about how civilization reached its peak when you were in high school and is now on the brink of total destruction!
  • Way to make it to 40! Only 25 years until retirement! That’s a mere quarter century!

Creating a beautiful card

Getting the right card can be just as important as sending the right message. A personalized card can show your recipient how much you care about them. When you get one of our custom virtual 40th birthday cards, you can get to custom design your own card. On top of that, they only take 32 seconds to create, and they last forever!

If you are having trouble thinking of good idea, check out these 40th birthday gifts. Additionally, if you are in charge of figuring out the party make sure you have some cool ideas. Good luck!

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