How to Create the Perfect Digital Card For Any Occasion

How to create the perfect digital card for any occasion

Whether you're celebrating birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays, or any other type of special occasion, a card goes a long way. There's something so touching about being able to share the joy of a celebration by sending someone you care about a special note or message. However, when it comes to group greeting cards and figuring out how to get everyone to sign and send their message together, it can get pretty complicated. Thankfully, with Bells & Wishes' digital cards, creating a group greeting card has never been easier.

Our digital group cards are easy to make, they can be personalized in a variety of ways, and they don't take up physical space like traditional cards do. But what exactly makes them the perfect digital card? In this post, we'll talk about what makes a great digital card, then go into detail on how you can design one yourself.

Standard Digital Cards Are Not Group Friendly

Before jumping into what makes a great digital card, it's important to know what a not-so-great digital card looks like and why it might not be the best choice for your group greeting card.

The problem with traditional digital cards is that they don't offer space for big groups of people to express themselves easily. In fact, there is usually a low character limit on each greeting card, limiting not only the message you send but how many people will be able to add their own unique message.

On top of that, many group greeting cards usually require that one person submits the message into the body of the digital card, meaning that they have to collect everyone's message and relay it into one digital greeting card. That sounds exhausting, right?

We thought so too. The standard digital card model doesn't make it easy for groups of any size to show someone they care! Thankfully, we designed a better way to create the perfect digital card for any occasion.

The Benefits Of Creating Digital Cards with Bells & Wishes

Our digital cards are the perfect solution for creating a virtual card for that special someone in your life. Our clients choose our digital cards repeatedly for many reasons, including:

#1 Easy And Efficient


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Our digital cards are easy to make - you can personalize them in a variety of ways, and there's no need for anyone to collect messages from different people. Simply type your message into the card, add GIFs, photos or videos, send a link for collaboration and send it to your recipient. It's really that easy!

#2 Unique And Fun


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Our cards are fun to make. With our digital card platform, you can add GIFs, photos, videos, as well as create a custom message for each person in your group. Whether you want to attach a funny gif that relates to an inside joke you have with that person or even add a video of you singing happy birthday, the options are endless with our digital group greeting cards. See our birthday sample.

#3 Unlimited Number of Customized Cards

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Do you have a large network of connections you need to manage, co-workers' birthdays coming up, or constant family celebrations? Buying a card for each occasion can become exhausting and costly! Our platform allows you to create an unlimited number of customized cards with our premium plus option.

#4 Collaboration Friendly

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Traditional cards are often difficult to get everyone in your group to sign. With Bells & Wishes, all you have to do is send a link for collaboration, or scan a QR code, and voila! Everyone can easily add their signature (or message) without the fuss. And the best part? No sign-up or login is necessary for collaborators. See our demo.

#5 Send To Multiple Recipients



Once everyone has inputted their message, all you have to do is type in multiple email addresses (or import a spreadsheet) as you schedule your card to send. This makes it easy to send a digital card to a group of people, such as a family, office, or group of friends.

#6 Easy To Save

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Unlike other services that only allow you to view the card for a set amount of time, we ensure your recipient can see it as often as they would like. Once your recipients receive your digital card, they can simply sign up for an account and have access to it forever!

#7 Saves Time And Money

save money

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Not only is our platform accessible and efficient, but it's also affordable. With a range of price points and no extra fees for adding additional messages or signatures, creating digital cards with Bells & Wishes is the perfect way to save time and money.

Creating Easy Digital Cards with Bells & Wishes

It's not hard to create a digital card with Bells & Wishes. In fact, you can do it in just a few simple steps.

As the creator of the card, you'll get to choose the occasion, background, and other special features to design a card that will work with your needs. From there, you'll be able to add your special message to the card, along with a video, GIF, or photo to show how much you care.

Once you've finished your message, you can invite others to do the same! Simply send out the card link in a group text, email chain, or slack channel to get everyone to participate. They'll be able to put their own message into the card without an account, making it easy to get tons of responses in a matter of minutes.

Once it's done, simply schedule when your card should be sent and who should receive the card. It's really that simple to make a group greeting card!

Create Your Group Greeting Card Today!

Bells & Wishes is an online platform that allows you to create digital greetings cards for any occasion. It's simple, efficient, and affordable- perfect for groups of all sizes! From family gatherings to office birthdays, our cards are sure to impress.

Choose from various occasions, add your own personal message along with videos or photos, and invite others to join in on the fun! Our platform makes it easy for everyone to sign their name without the hassle. So send out your digital card today- we guarantee that recipients will love it!

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