Best White Elephant Gifts for Christmas This Year

Best white elephant gifts for christmas this year

Everyone loves the holiday season! No matter what holiday you celebrate, the season calls for joy, celebration and giving. In addition to being an important giving season for those less fortunate than you, it’s a great season to show the ones close to you how much you care with a gift.

If you have a large family or group of friends, you all might opt for a different take on the classic gift exchange, like Secret Santa, a dice exchange, or white elephant. White elephant gift exchanges are an extremely popular and fun take on gift giving and receiving for Christmas parties.

In a white elephant gift exchange, everyone buys one gift and receives one gift. You will typically follow a story or set of rules to pass the gifts around the group, and sometimes people can even swap or steal gifts from each other! It’s fun for everyone involved, so don’t be afraid to give it a shot this holiday season.

If you want to bring a white elephant gift exchange to your office or family, then you’ve come to the right place. We have gift ideas galore, so no matter your budget or your audience, you’re sure to find exactly what you need in this list of the best white elephant gifts under 75, 50 or 25 dollars.

The Top 10 Best White Elephant Gifts Under $75



Your group will usually set a budget for the white elephant gift exchange. If you’re looking for a gift around 75 dollars or under, then you’re in the right place!

Hello fresh meal

We’ve all been there. You get home from work, and there’s nothing to eat, but the last thing you want to do after a long day is spend hours in the kitchen. Who wouldn’t love a Hello Fresh gift card in this situation? $75 feeds two people with three meals a week! Hello Fresh is convenient, easy and has tons of options for every dietary need.

Pottery kit gift

We all love to try a new hobby sometimes, and pottery is growing increasingly popular. Not many people know that anyone can give this artform a shot, right in the comfort of their own home. Give the gift of experience with this at-home pottery kit with everything you need to get started making small dishes, trinkets and more.

Cocktail Christmas gift set

Who doesn’t love a good drink after a long day? Now it’s easy for everyone to get creative with their mixed drinks right in their own home. Just give someone this at-home cocktail kit with unique mixers and rimmers. Soon you’ll be best friends with an up-and-coming mixologist, and maybe you’ll even get to try a drink some day!

Bird feeder christmas gift

If you have a lot of nature or animal lovers in your group, then this gorgeous hummingbird feeder is sure to bring big smiles. It’s a two-in-one present with a beautiful hanging basket for a plant to flower and grow, and three hand blown glass carafes for hummingbirds to stop by for a sip. It is a creative way to beautify any yard, porch or balcony.

Garden sculpture white elephant gift

Who wouldn’t love these adorable dog garden sculptures? They are sturdy cement sculptures that can survive even the harshest of seasons, and they easily give any yard or garden a nice, calming quality. The sculptures are all handmade, so you know you are getting a unique, quality product.

Charcuterie board christmas present

These charcuterie and beer flight planks are perfect for the host with the most – or anyone who’s aspiring to become one. They are gorgeous, quality products with many uses. Your recipient can break it out for date night, a couples gathering, pre-dinner drinks, or any number of events.

Wooden bookends

Unique home decor is always a great gift for anyone in your circle, and these modern wood bookends are a surefire hit for any white elephant exchange. They are practical, and their simple design will match any room or home. They are also handmade, so you know the quality will be great!

Roku streaming stick

In the age of streaming, anyone would be happy to take home a Roku streaming stick! This product is one of the brand’s top quality models, with “super-fast startup,” a remote finder, longer and faster wi-fi range, amazing picture quality and more. It is a discrete and convenient way to enjoy almost any show or movie on the market.

Hand mixer gift

Even for those of us who aren’t wizards in the kitchen, the holidays are the time for cooking. This 5-speed hand mixer is a great gift for someone who cooks often, or even for a seasonal chef. It comes with two stainless steel beaters, so all it needs is a quick wash before it’s ready to go!

Sake gift box set

It will be easy to please with this sake mini-bottle gift set. Many people think of wine, beer and other beverages to give as gifts during the holiday season, but sake doesn’t come to mind for most people. It is a unique beverage gift that your recipient can take home to enjoy with their friends and family – or pop open right at the party!

The Top 10 Best White Elephant Gifts Under $50

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It’s not unusual for your group of family and friends to set a budget around 50 dollars either. You can’t go wrong with any of the best white elephant gifts below that we found for a 50 dollar budget!

Planter box gift

This is the perfect gift for the art lover, plant lover or home lover in your life. So basically a lot of your loved ones would love this planter inspired by Michelangelo’s David! It is available on Etsy in a variety of colors and sizes to match any home decor style, and they are convenient to hold a small plant anywhere in your home.

Wall mounted bottle opener gift

You would be remiss if you didn’t check out this easy and convenient wall-mounted bottle opener. The natural and simple design makes it easy to match to any home, and you can even customize it. If you don’t know who will receive your gift, you can always write, “White Elephant Celebration” to commemorate the day, or even include a nice quote.

Soy wax candles

Everyone will love these amazing dough bowl candles. They are made with all-natural soy wax, so they will have an amazing burn time and quality. They also have a variety of scents, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The wax is poured into sturdy, wooden bowls with great quality, and a simple design that will match any home decor.

Succulent shaped candles

These beautiful succulent beeswax candles have a simple and classic design that will fit in any room or home. What’s more, they are small, and they can be placed all around to create a warm, cozy and relaxing environment for anyone to enjoy. If you want, you can add small bowls or containers to the gift, so people have somewhere to set the candles.

Water bottle gift

Metal water bottles are all the rage, and it’s not hard to see why since they can keep your drinks ice cold all day long. This 26 oz Yeti water bottle is a great gift that anyone can use. It’s perfect for taking to the office for a long day, heading out on a hike, or toting around on a day trip. You can’t lose!

Hydro flask mug gift

The perfect mug is an essential for everyone who spends a lot of time on-the-go. That’s why this 12 oz HydroFlask mug is the perfect gift for anyone in your white elephant crew. It can keep beverages warm or cold, and since the lid seals tight to avoid spills, you can really take it with you anywhere!

Breakfast sandwich maker gift

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but so many of us run out of time to whip up something nutritious and tasty in the morning. That’s why anyone would love this breakfast sandwich maker to help make the most delicious breakfast in record time! The recipient will thank you for all the tasty mornings to come.

Amazon echo dot

We are becoming a smart society, and no home is complete with an Amazon Echo Dot. It is the most popular smart speaker with Alexa with a sleek design, voice control, tons of entertainment options, the ability to answer questions, automate your lights and appliances, and more. This gift will make anyone’s life easier, and they will love you for it!

Backpack christmas gift

Everyone needs a good backpack, and you can’t go wrong with this simple and classic design. This bag comes in a variety of colors that any lucky gift recipient can use in their everyday life. The backpack has a front storage pocket, a striped fabric liner and zippered closures, and it holds up to 9L.

Tabletop cornhole game

Cornhole is a well-loved game that family and friends of all ages can enjoy, so this mini tabletop cornhole game will be an incredible gift for anyone you know. Gone are the days of waiting around bored with nothing to do – this cornhole game can fit in a purse or even a large pocket, and it’s easy to pop out for a quick game, then pack away when you’re done.

The Top 10 White Elephant Gifts Under $25

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Did your team set a spending limit around 25 dollars or under? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these great gift ideas, and your recipient will surely love whichever you choose!

Mini vacuum present

We all need a mini vacuum cleaner in our lives. It fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s perfect for cleaning up those pesky crumbs, dusty shelves or other small spills. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone of any age, and you will surprise your recipient with how quiet and useful the gift is. The cuteness is just a bonus!

Tortilla blanket white elephant gift

Anyone would get a kick out of turning themself into a life-size burrito! And now you can help someone do just that with the gift a giant tortilla blanket. Nobody has enough cozy throw blankets, especially during the holiday season, and this soft and fluffy novelty blanket only adds laughs to the mix.

Bob ross chia pet

Who could say no to this Bob Ross chia pet? Everyone remembers and loves this amazing artist, thanks to his positive messages and his voice that is more soothing than a rain noise machine. Keeping this chia pet on your windowsill will be the perfect reminder to stay positive and not to sweat the small stuff.

Socks with pets face

These custom socks make the world’s most hilarious gift idea for anyone you know. Your family would love to walk around with your pet’s face on their socks, or your friends probably have an inside joke that you can make use of! You can even put a celebrity’s face on the socks for some great laughs. The possibilities are endless.

Bluetooth karaoke microphone gift set

Everyone loves a karaoke night, but sometimes you don’t have the time or the energy to make it all the way to a bar or a private room. That’s where this wireless karaoke microphone comes in. It’s the perfect mic to liven up any party, with voice effects and bluetooth connectivity. You might even be able to break it out right after the exchange!

Mini waffle maker gift

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with this mini waffle maker your gift recipient can have breakfast any time of the day! It comes in many bright and fun colors, and it makes the perfect 4” waffles for any snack or meal. You can even throw in some flour, eggs and syrup if you’re feeling it.

Popcorn maker

Staying on the snack train, anyone would love this popcorn maker that pops kernels right in the bowl! You can get movie theatre style popcorn right in your lap – all you have to do is add kernels and sit back. You can also throw in some popcorn or seasonings to the gift if you want to add a little something extra.

Wooden bathtub tray gift

There comes a day for all of us when we need to relax and unwind, and a bath and a glass of wine are some go-to relaxation techniques. With this wine glass holder that suctions to the bath or shower, you will give someone the ultimate relaxation gift! It will be sure to get a lot of use in the holiday season and beyond.

Constellation gift box

Very few people can resist a mug of steaming hot coffee in the morning. Why not make someone’s morning extra special with this heat-changing constellation mug? When you fill the mug with a hot liquid, constellations form between the stars, making for a magical and enchanting start to the day.

Game gift white elephant

Everyone loves a good game night! And while the classics are classics for a reason, it’s always fun when someone brings something new to the table. Your recipient will love this Pun Intended game that will create laughs and fun for anyone who plays. It’s great for family and friends of all ages!

Don’t Forget the Card!

Your holiday present isn’t complete without a card. Presents and gifts are nice to hold, but at the end of the day they can be used, lost or broken. No one will forget the sentimental value that comes with a card, so if you pair one with your present, then you’re sure to create a truly memorable gift receiving experience.

One of the perks to a digital greeting card here at Bells and Wishes is that it will never be lost or damaged – it will live in the recipient’s email forever. Our digital holiday cards are also customizable, so you can use text, images, videos or GIFs that truly capture the uniqueness of your relationships with your friends and family.

It only takes four easy steps to create and send a holiday card to your loved ones through our site. Send a card with one of our designs, or use your own. No matter what you do, your friends and family will be sure to love a card that comes from the heart!

If you need tips on creating your card, or you just can’t believe it could really be just that easy, then check out this simple step-by-step guide. Read it through, and you will see that spreading holiday cheer or brightening your friends’ and family’s day can really be easy as one, two, three, four!

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